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For a successful team it is in our eyes essential that the roles of each involved party, the tasks of the individual team members, the harmony between between them and hierarchy among them are not only well thought-through, but also synchronized and accepted. Only then actions are interlocking and effective. Additionally, the way the group handles pressure and acknowledges each other’s social competencies has a highly significant impact on their overall success.

To allow for the best possible development of each team it is necessary to thoroughly investigate and find the key points that are relevant to each group. We thus start off with an assignment meeting that includes all participating team members. This is followed by a hypothesis-guided concept creation, which is then presented to the client. In the subsequent process we stay open for new options or necessary changes, in order to provide an optimal solution. In this manner each measure is one of a kind and is exactly tailored to the issues, needs and stages of development of the respective group or department.

In more comprehensive team processes, which for example consist of consecutive workshops that build on one another, we examine after every module the level of progress and develop based on this foundation opportunities and methods that will guide the group towards the agreed goals. We use for example formats like Open Space, World Café, Business Council, Fishbowl, Appreciative Inquiry and Genuine Contact Tools. Outdoor/Adventure elements extend the horizon of experience of the team members.

Through this step-by-step approach, sustainable solutions emerge and the team comes to understand itself as an agile and flexible unit. Professional and social dimensions interlock and lead to effective organizational goal attainment as well as personal success.