reet.change assistance


We regularly receive coaching requests for team and organization development. Personal development programs and feedback conversations between superiors and employees of organizations can also be a source of coaching requests. Typical topics are for example the development of an individual’s role, the necessity for prioritization, change in leadership or leadership dilemmas. Questions regarding the ideal setup of newly created or fused teams and departments or struggles regarding personal decisions in management and project situation can be part of our task too, but we also work with interpersonal conflicts in the workspace or questions regarding the meaning and sense of one’s own actions.

In an assignment discussion the coach, together with the client and coachee, filter the task at hand for the coaching process. In the subsequent course of the coaching with the client a deepening of the questions and a crystalizing of topics and concerns takes place. For us it is important to trigger through coaching an individual search process, which we then accompany professionally and want to reflect on a systematic and an intuitive level. Over time this creates the possibility for the desired switch in perspective. Frequently, the coaching process leads the participant to see a muddled or stressful situation with new eyes, greater energy, joy and competency. The person getting coached has then the opportunity to engage the for the process necessary resources and potentials. This always means to embrace a new step in one’s development or at least the acquisition of a new stance.

Our stance: We are convinced that professional and engaging settings provide the ideal breeding ground for personal growth. We know from experience that the affected are actually experts for their own solutions. To find the way to these individual solutions is our passion and profession.