reet.change assistance


To accompany developmental processes in organizations means for us not only to consciously engage the client with the complexity and inconsistencies of the company, but also to develop new patterns of action as well as future orientated solutions.


On principle, we start with a hypothesis and feedback. The first diagnosis comes out of conversations with the client and, where necessary, out of interviews with representative subsystems. This enables us to highlight target structures and develop the corresponding architectures and designs to carry the future advancement.

Depending on if participants developed their own mission statement or if a top management set the framework, the next crucial step is to transform affected individuals into active participants. This means to provide the affected people with detailed information about the changes in order to win them over for the transformation process and encourage them to recognize their personal possibilities and areas for action in this shifting environment, so that they can actively adapt and participate where necessary.

It is with clarity and distinctiveness as well as with joy and authenticity that we accompany our clients through the respective organizational and personal phases of development.

We know that change (at first) is not always an improvement for the involved parties. Often change comes together with loss, frustration, constriction and a surplus load. Not to ignore personal perceptions and facts, but instead to engage them and synchronize them, means to collectively develop and balance the imperatives, individual scopes of action and possibilities for implementation.

Equally, it is important to make sure that in times of permanent transformation the phases in between change processes are kept to a length that ensures that the targeted changes, especially in regard to the people in the company, may have time to stabilize and really solidify, before then the next modification is made.

Methods and formats that we like to work with are for example Open Space, World Café, Dynamic Facilitation, Genuine Contact Tools, Appreciative Inquiry. Frequently we also simply use the “classical moderation method”. We also like to integrate outdoor elements or “company theater”, in order to broaden insights and realms of experience.