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Dr. Carla Hegeler

After completing my degree in Business Studies and a Ph.D, I focused on the practical application and implementation of my knowledge to the reality of organizations. I did so in a large variety of roles, ranging from personnel officer for research and development, over executive positions, personnel and organization developer jobs, to freelancing experience and now my managing partner position at our company reet. I am truly thankful for the many experiences and interesting people that I have encountered. The diverse topics and personal concerns that I have come in contact with continue to surprise me every day, always pique my curiosity anew, and keep me mindful.

My professional skill set rests on several columns:
Systemic Work on the basis of the training at the ISB Wiesloch (B. Schmidt), Change Management following the consultant group Neuwaldegg (by F.Boos, H. Jarmai), Transaction Analysis (by H. Jellouschek), Meditation and a GPOP7MBTI-Certification – all of these contents are integrated and extended on in my consulting work. My professional qualifications were further refined and strengthened in the 2,5-year long training I underwent with Hephaistos (by K. Eidenschink, K. Horn-Heine, U. Most).

This closes the circle: Hands-on process supervision that rests on a solid theoretical foundation for people in organizations with the goal to strengthen you in your roles and tasks and to accompany you resourcefully on the path to greater personal autonomy and business versatility.
For this, two customer voices:

“The starting point was my discontent with the course of projects in which I or my group participated with contributions. In my eyes the invested effort and the produced results stood in no acceptable proportion to each other. The task for reet was to make me aware of possibilities for change through the analysis of concrete situations. I experienced the coaching as very personal and interactive, which made it meaningful to me. It was open-ended and made me think, but didn’t make me brood. The questions from my coach were interesting and humorous and gave me new individual insights. Especially noteworthy was the sharp attention of my coach to the different levels of communication and the resulting possibilities to penetrate to the core of issues. This lead to a focusing beyond the pure execution of a pre-determined program. The possibilities in my environment have transformed due to my own attitudes and this gives me the confidence to take a more active role in processes of change.
Nonetheless, a very small bit of the old me remained still, since I am not happy yet with what I have written here. ;-)”
– Group leader Biometrics, HEALTH COMPANY

My starting point was a promotion that raised me from my previous groups of colleagues to an executive position. In this new role it was particular important to me to find the right balance between comradery and authority. With very competent and individual guidance reet greatly helped me on this path. Especially helpful for me, was becoming conscious of my own basic patterns of behavior. From this we then developed strategies that can help me to get orientated in different situations.”
-Head of Information Science, PHARMACEUTICAL BRANCH

If you would like to know more about the way I work, please do not hesitate to contact me!