“We live successful change.”

For many years now we have initiated and accompanied change in organizations. Our goal is for people to stay engaged with the structural and strategical transitions as well as with the process innovations, so that they are able to reorientate themselves and perceive their work as effective and meaningful.

Permanent change management in a company means first and foremost to continuously increase the performance and problem solving capabilities of the company as a whole. The increase in productivity is the accomplishment of a well- working system. Thus, one of our most important tasks is to repeatedly create stable conditions that connect, integrate and mobilize the knowledge and manifold competencies present in the company. For abrupt changes on the other hand – for example in-/outsourcing of company positions – it is more about transforming paralyzing consternation felt in the organizations into the direction of engaged openness. This creates a demand for concepts that promote participation and the establishment of a transparent information and communications strategy.